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B40 Capacity Building Tailoring& Videography Program

Conducted programmes for B40 such as Fashion Design/ Tailoring for single mothers and housewives. Besides that, for the young graduates we have conducted videography programmes to be a freelance videographer.

31.8.2020 | HSTC  Batu Kawah |


“This is a place where we learn not only how to read well, write well and research well, but we learn how to be people who will make useful contributions to the society we are about to enter." — Caroline Wilson, ’18

04.1.2019 | HSTC  Batu Kawah |


Spirit of the Nation remains stronger than ever at Harina. We took some time to celebrate the National Independence Day on the 31st of August last year. 

31.8.2018 | HSTC  Batu Kawah |


In conjunction with World Red Cross and Red Crescent Day, Harina Skills Training Centre organised a Blood Donation Drive to further support National Blood Bank to replenish their stock level which is running critically low.

12.06.2018 | HSTC Batu Kawah |

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